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Gambling in Ireland has now become more socially acceptable and like horse racing it has been integrated into our culture. Whilst for the majority of gamblers it remains an occasional social activity, some find that it may escalate out of control.

We now have a dedicated, localised service for people that may be affected by gambling in Ireland. It is organised and controlled by the Dunlewey Centre, a registered charity, in Northern Ireland. The Dunlewey centre is up and running for nearly 30 years, and provides training to the PSNI, IBA and many other organisations.

The Freephone number to avail of problem gambling or gambling addiction services is 1800 93 67 25,

and is manned by trained counsellors 7 days a week. It has over 30 counsellors across Ireland who offer face to face counselling sessions to persons affected by problem gambling. They are all qualified practicing psychotherapists and offer free local face to face counselling sessions. Clients are referred to them via The Dunlewey Substance abuse and advice centre Freephone service.

The Dunlewey centre also organises training days for the betting industry and its staff. This offers responsible operators the opportunity to train their staff in identifying and engaging with any persons that may have a difficulty in this area, and offering the information and advice from the DSAC.

This service is fully funded by the Irish betting shop industry and is in operation for over 7 years now.


For Information about how to get help, or to explore the signs of problem gambling please download one of our brochures. This information is available in your local betting shop:

Do you have a gambling problem? Are you affected by someone that may have a gambling problem or addiction? Please click here to download our brochure for some help and advice

Guide for Family and Friends : Supporting a problem Gambler