Irish Bookmakers Association (IBA);

Founded in April 2005, the IBA is the largest representative body of the bookmaking industry in Ireland.  Its membership includes over 738 of the 768 betting shops left in Ireland.

The Irish Bookmakers Association has a broad-based membership in that it represents major retail operators and a strong mix of independent operators.

Licensed Betting Offices have seen their share of the overall national betting market has fall from 91% in 1999 to an estimated 35% in 2022. At the same time, telephone, internet, sites, betting exchanges, mobile betting and private members clubs have all grown substantially and are now the biggest growth areas in the betting industry.

The betting industry pays a 2% tax on Turnover, in addition to all the other business taxes they pay.  This Turnover tax is penal, as it is applied to Turnover in a high turnover business and takes no account of profit or loss. The betting duty would be one of the main causes of the 570+ shops that have closed and the 3400 jobs that have been lost.

It is an additional tax/levy that no other businesses have to pay.

Betting Shop numbers in Ireland since 2008, and closures now continue due to 100% increase in betting tax

On average it is estimated that each office employs five/six people on a full-time or part-time basis. This translates into total employment of around 8,000 full-time or part-time jobs between shops and head offices. This is equivalent to almost 0.3% of total employment in the economy, and 0.6% of total private service sector employment. Source Jim Power M.Econ.Sc

Image detailing the closure of betting shops in Ireland since 2008

Our sector generates a significant overall tax revenue for the exchequer:

  • – Total Betting tax collected €48 m
  • – Total PAYE/PRSI paid by betting shops €18m
  • – Total VAT €12m
  • – Total Rates €3m
  • – Corporation Tax €4m

Total Taxation contribution from the Irish Retail betting sector: €85,000,000.

We urgently call for a review of the betting tax and for the introduction of the Gambling Controll Bill.

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