• Safer Gambling Code
    Bookmakers in Ireland have agreed to an industry-wide ban on the use of credit cards, both online and in shops, for Irish customers. Bookmakers have also agreed to a pre-watershed whistle-to-whistle* advertising ban for live sport.
  • Safer Gambling Week 2021
    Safer Gambling Week 2021 builds on the success of the previous four years in which support and awareness have continued to increase. The week-long campaign aims to create conversations with customers, staff and the wider public about safer gambling. It drives awareness of how to gamble more safely, the support tools available and sources of help and advice.
  • Safer Gambling Week 2020
    The key objectives of Safer Gambling Week are to raise awareness of where to find more help and support for those who need it, how to ….
  • Living with COVID-19: Level 5
    The Irish retail betting sector must close during Level 5 restrictions, as it is a non-essential retail service. We urge all IBA members to abide by the Government restrictions and keep their shops closed during Level 5, to keep their staff and customers safe.
  • COVID-19 – Level 3
    As Ireland is now on Level 3 of the Living with Covid-19 plan, we have updated our SOP to reflect the latest C19 measures that have …..
  • Government announces accelerated Road Map
    The Irish Bookmakers Association, which represents the majority of betting shops in Ireland, has confirmed that in line with Government advices, their members will now begin to re-open from Monday, June 8th After an Industry meeting on June 5th, it was agreed that in line with the latest advices from NPHET and Government, betting shops would open in the same phase as all other retail outlets.  The safety of customers and colleagues remains of paramount importance and shops
  • Betting shops to close doors until March 29th
    The Irish Bookmaker’s Association today announced in the absence of specific guidance for their sector, that most members have decided to cease trading in the next couple of days, until at least March 29th. It follows a call with industry members this morning.  The decision was made by operators after discussions about the clear Irish government guidance that has been issued around social distancing. The decision lies with each retailer whether they close their doors and how they
  • RGWeek19
    Responsible Gambling Week 2019 OPERATORS UNITE TO TRIGGER A NATIONAL CONVERSATION ABOUT SAFER GAMBLING The gambling industry is coming together to stage the biggest ever campaign to promote safer gambling in Ireland and the UK. Responsible Gambling Week 2019, which takes place from November 7th-November 13th, is the public face of the industry’s year-round commitment to safer gambling. More than 120,000 staff at thousands of gambling venues and online sites are taking part. The campaign is led by
  • Irish betting industry welcomes the publication of Inter-departmental group report
    Publication of Inter-Departmental Working group on Future licensing and regulation of Gambling Wednesday 20 March 2019   Irish betting industry welcomes the publication of Inter-departmental group report, in the hope that it clears the way for introduction of the Gambling Control bill and an Independent regulator.   Irish Bookmakers Association (IBA), the representative body for betting operators in Ireland has welcomed the publication of the Inter-departmental group report on the future regulation of gambling in Ireland, which was
  • Responsible Gambling Week – Ireland & UK
    What is Responsible Gambling Week? Responsible Gambling Week runs this year from 1st – 7th November and is a campaign led by the gambling industry that aims to create a conversation with customers, staff and the wider public about gambling responsibly, driving awareness of: how to gamble responsibly; the tools that are available to help people gamble safely all year round; sources of more advice and support. What is happening during Responsible Gambling Week? Venues and websites provide
  • National Campaign against proposed doubling of Betting tax
    Irish Bookmaking Industry Launches National Campaign Against 100pc Betting Tax Hike Irish bookmakers have launched a national campaign to fight against proposals for a 100pc increase in the Betting Tax that would decimate the industry. The campaign has the support of almost every bookmaker in Ireland. National Saveourjobs campaign launched to reverse 100% betting tax increase The “Save Our Jobs” campaign, which is being coordinated by the Irish Bookmakers Association, is aimed at alerting legislators to the very
  • Budget will close Independent bookmakers across Ireland
    Today’s announcement that the betting tax has doubled has just signed P45s for over 1500 jobs in the independent bookmaking sector, the majority in rural areas. It is the final blow for a sector of the industry that had already been in steep decline. Only 200 Independent shops survived the recession, with 450 closed over the last 8 years.  Increasing the betting tax to 2% makes the majority of these remaining shops unviable, forces long standing family businesses