Gambling Control Bill update

The IBA welcomes the recent announcement regarding the Governments plan to introduce the Gambling Control Bill in 2018.

Gambling Control Bill

The Irish betting shop sector has been licensed and monitored by the Revenue Commissioners, Department of Justice and An Garda Siochana for a long time.

Our sector has also introduced Socially responsible practices, training and fund service providers nationwide for over 10 years.  We continually try to improve our processes in-line with international best standards and UK Gambling Commission practices.  We see the Gambling Control bill as a great opportunity to ensure the wider gambling sector contribute to and introduce similar measures.   A well regulated industry is in everybody’s interest, and provides a greater and more consistent level of service and protection for customers across the gambling sector.

The bill is an extensive piece of legislation that is in the making for several years.  It will be a tough task to get it completed this year, but this Government has shown a clear intention and commitment to get it done and we welcome and support that.  An independent regulator or a regulator situated within the Department of Justice will be ideal, and we look forward to working with them, hopefully in the near future.


Gambling Control Bill update - If you are Concerned about gambling or that of a relative or friend, give us a call on our confidential Freephone number
If you are Concerned about gambling or that of a relative or friend, give The Dunlewey Centre a call on their confidential Freephone number
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