Irish betting industry welcomes the publication of Inter-departmental group report

Publication of Inter-Departmental Working group on Future licensing and regulation of Gambling

Wednesday 20 March 2019


Irish betting industry welcomes the publication of Inter-departmental group report, in the hope that it clears the way for introduction of the Gambling Control bill and an Independent regulator.


Irish Bookmakers Association (IBA), the representative body for betting operators in Ireland has welcomed the publication of the Inter-departmental group report on the future regulation of gambling in Ireland, which was published today.

There has been a lot of work done and progress made this year, by Minister Stanton and his officials in the Department of Justice.  The gambling sector is very broad and fast moving, and the work done by the committee in compiling recommendations for a modern bill suitable for the hi-tech world we now operate in, should provide a solid foundation for a suitable and effective Gambling Control bill.  We also strongly welcome an Independent regulator and look forward to seeing the recommendations from McCann Fitzgerald, who have been scoping the optimum structure for a proposed gambling regulatory authority for Ireland.



Sharon Byrne, Chairperson of the IBA said

Sharon_Byrne_Chairperson of the Irish Bookmakers Association, representing betting industry in IrelandWe are hopeful that this will be the final step towards completion and enactment of a Gambling Control bill and independent regulator.  Our members have already introduced many of the advertising standards, customer monitoring and customer protection measures recommended by regulators in other countries.   We have also funded a national problem gambling helpline and counselling network across Ireland for over 8 years. 

However, an independent regulator and gambling control bill, will ensure enforcement and contributions for all gambling operators, not just betting shops, which will lead to better consumer protections and support for those who may be vulnerable to addiction. We hope the way is now clear for the Department to draft the Heads of a new bill and introduce a regulator as soon as possible.”



For further information, please contact Sharon Byrne, Chairperson, 00 353 46 9557090

Please click here for the full report of the the Inter-Departmental Working Group on the Future Licensing and Regulation of Gambling


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