Taxation Contribution per shop

As an illustrative example, an average licensed betting office makes the following contribution in taxation to the national exchequer and the local authority in which it is located:

  • Turnover €2,000,000
  • Gross Profit (@11%)€220,000
  • Betting Tax (@ 1%) €20,000
  • Gross Profit €200,000
  • Average Costs €170,000
  • Taxes (VAT, PAYE/PRSI, other) €46,607
  • Net Profit €6,250
  • If additional 1% tax Loss – €13,750



Under 18’s – Look 21!

The IBA have created several posters for betting shops to display which prevents the admission of persons under the age of 18 onto the premises.

I would urge all members to be extra vigilant, and to operate a ‘Look 21’ policy. This would require staff to ask all persons that look under the age of 21 for id, to ensure they are over 18.
Please contact me for copies.

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